Our shopping cart solution is an end to end highly scalable solution. Our Shopping cart solution is tested for few products to 20,000+ products. Our solution is capable of handling B2B and B2C. Can handle distribution channel too. Capable of Integrating with your savings or current account with NEFT or credit card solution. We have developed shopping cart for various industries like Electronics, Home appliances, manufacturing Industry etc.

Few Facts :

• Open Source e-Commerce Software
• Winner of 2010 & 2011 Open source award for business applications.
• Over 130,000 Online stores.
• More than 40,000 active community members.
• Available in 56 Languages
• 310+ Features
• Active store in Over 150 Countries
• Backed By Industry Experts : TechcrunchEbay, Google, PaypalCCAvenue


S.No Category Functionality Detailed Description



Google Chart

This module is used to represent the stats in graphical chart. For ex: In the back office click the menu stats which shows the number of visitors visits, number of product sales etc.



Import/export a theme

To apply a theme into the shop. Note: default theme will be installed; a new theme is installed as per the user requirements.



Mail Alerts

To send emails regarding various events taking place in the shop. For ex: when a customer takes order when the products are out of stock,a mail will be sent to both the customer and the shop administrator’s mail id.




This module is to generate csv file similar to excel file.This file contains the list of user who had subscribed for newsletter,the file can be downloaded and we can send mails to this subscriber by importing this file.



Simple HTML table display

This is used by the statics system.




This module enables graphic library and it is used to generate stats graph for the stats menu similar to google chart.



XML/SWF Charts

To show the statics about number of orders , sales taken place in the shop by using chartssimilar to visifire and google chart.


Advertisement & Marketing

Block advertising

Used to show some advertisement related to a product in the home page


Advertisement &Marketing

Customer follow-up

It is to alert user through mail.Four kinds of email can be sent


Analytics & stats

Available quantities stats

To display number of products quantity available after each order in the stats menu


Analytics & stats

Best categories

To list all the categories with statistics about total quantity sold in each category,total no. of views and total price for each category.


Analytics & stats

Best customers

To list the no. of customers with statistics of no. of visit , and money spent by them for buying the products.


Analytics & stats

Best products

To list the products sold along with statistics of quantity sold, price etc.


Analytics & stats

Best vouchers

To list the vouchers which are offered in the customer referral program.


Analytics & stats

Carrier distribution

To list the number of carriers


Analytics & stats

Catalog evaluation

To show the products which are active and inactive along with total number of quantities available.


Analytics & stats

Catalog statistics

This shows product details, ex: average price no. of products bought no. of pages visits and also products which are never purchased.


Analytics & stats

Customer accounts

To list the total no. of customers along with the registration and no. of customers placing order.


Analytics & stats

Data mining for statistics

This module is essential to view the statistics.


Analytics & stats


To denote the country from which the customers are from


Analytics & stats


To list no. of customers subscribed for news letter


Analytics & stats

Pages not found

No page has been registered


Analytics & stats

Product details

To list the number of products available for order


Analytics & stats

Registered Customer Info

To show the distribution amount of no. of male and female customer


Analytics & stats

Sales and orders

To show the products sold and order taken


Analytics & stats

Search engine keywords

Keyword for search engine should be set


Analytics & stats

Shop search

To list the keyword which is searched by the customer


Analytics & stats


To display the browser which is widely used by the customer and also the operating system


Analytics & stats

Stats Dashboard

To list the no. of customer registered, visits, total sales, prices etc .


Analytics & stats

Visitors online

To list the visitor with their ip, time and the referrer.


Analytics & stats

Visitors origin

To show the statistics chart of visiting the site by directly or by redirection from other website.


Analytics & stats

Visits and Visitors

To list the no. of visitors and visits with the statistics graph.


Front office features

Block Share on Facebook

Allow a user to share this product to their friends in Facebook. After clicking the button, login page for Facebook will appear and user can share whom he want to.


Front office features

Block contact

This module is used for customer support displaying the mobile no. or email to manage the user query about products and also for clarification.


Front office features

Block contact infos

This module shows the company name, address, phone no. and email address in the footer block as contact us.


Front office features

Block customer data privacy

This module is displayed when a new user is going to be registered (shows a check box to notify that to accept terms and conditions )


Front office features

Block payment logo

This module display payment logo in the home page(ex: if paypal payment gateway is installed in shop the logo of it will be displayed)


Front office features

Block reinsurance

This module is placed above the footer block in home page to show the features given to the customer ex:(free shipping, money back policy,exchange in store)


Front office features

Block social

This module is used to link the shop to Facebook, twitter, rss feed etc


Front office features

CMS Block

This module is used to create pages of our own for ex: (we can add our own articles in the home page.) so that the user can know more info about the product benefits and uses.


Front office features

Cart block

This module is displayed in homepage shows the product which are bought by the customers and ready for payment which is placed at the top of home page


Front office features

Categories block

This module is present in the right column of the home page to list the number of categories and also their sub categories. Under each category or sub category the products are listed.


Front office features

Currency block

This module is displayed in the top  of the home page and allows the user to choose their currency type


Front office features

Favorite Products

This module display a page of favorite products purchased by the user and the user can add the products to favorite product block.


Front office features

Image slider for your homepage

This module is to display the images as slide show in the home page


Front office features

Language block

The language block module is placed in top of home page the user can choose the language which they want.


Front office features

Manufacturers block

This block is displayed in right column of home page to display the  no. of manufacturers


Front office features

My Account block

This block is used when the user login in to his account ex:(list of links like order history , vouchers , orders taken, profiles etc..)


Front office features

New products block

This block is displayed in left column of the product page to display the newly or currently added product in the shop.


Front office features

Newsletter block

This block is displayed in the right column of home page, The user who want the newsletter can subscribe for it.


Front office features

Permanent links block

The permanent link block is displayed in the top of the home page to list the currency, language,contact,sitemap modules.


Front office features

Products Category

This module is to display the related product of the same category in each product page.


Front office features

Stores block

This module is used to display their store in map along with the photo of the shop.


Front office features

Suppliers block

This module is displayed in the home page to list the number of suppliers for the product.


Front office features

Tags block

This module is used search the product with their keyword or tag in the tag block displayed in home page


Front office features

Top horizontal menu

This module is placed at the top of the home page to display the category and subcategory list as slide and a new link can also be given.


Front office features

Top seller block

This module is displayed in the home page to list the product, which is sold most frequently.


Front office features

User info block

This module is used for the customer to login in to their account. This login link is displayed in the top of the home page.


Front office features

Viewed products block

This module is to display the list of products which is viewed recently by a customer or visitor.


Front office features

My Account block on footer IN

This module contains a list of links in the footer block.foreg:my profile, my alerts, my vouchers etc. only authenticated or registered user can visit the link


Front office features

Featured products in home page

This module is displayed at the center of the homepage to list the product with image and textual representation and align with the link to the product page.


Payment & Gateway

Bank Wire

This is the default payment module available in our shop. This transaction takes more time, here the merchant has to give his bank account details and also his RTGS code or swipe code for transacting money to his account.


Payment & Gateway

Cash on delivery (COD)

This module is very simple when a user choose this module, he will make payment after receiving the goods it will be direct transaction from one person to other.


Payment & Gateway


This module is also one of the default payment gateways available in our shop. In order to use this module the merchant has to give his details at what name and account number the user has to give cheque.



Online Payment

Supports most of the banks in India


Pricing & Protection

Specials block

This module is to notify the product has been discounted to some percentage or the offer price .This module is usually displayed at the home page


Search & Filter

Quick Search block

This module installs a block with search field in your shop front-end. The search block can display results as soon as the first letters are typed.

The module is installed and enabled by default, and you should leave it enabled to facilitate visitor's navigation.



Google sitemap 

This module helps you build a sitemap for your shop, and keep it up to date.

In order to optimize your SEO, it is essential to have a sitemap, which is a XML file that lists all the products and pages on your shop. This file will enable search engines to index all pages easily and efficiently.


Shipping & Logistics

Shipping Estimation

This module enables the customer to compare carrier possibilities before continuing with the checkout process.

This module is very straightforward: just install it to display its option on your front-office.



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