How to access and configure the email in browser,android and outlook devices.

To Access your email account through Browser:

Step1: Go to http://wesitename/webmail

Step2:  Enter the above user email id and password and get access to your account.

Step3: Select any one email client to read all your emails.

Email Account Setup in Andorid mobiles:

step1: In your android mobile, Go to Email -> Account setup

step2: In Account setup Enter the email id and password as:

Enter the username and password which is listed above and which you want to configure.and click next

step3: In next step it will ask for type of account click on imap and click next.

step4:  In this page, it will ask for Incoming server setting:

username, password fields will be filled automatically, change the imapserver and port to

  IMAP server: mail.domainname with extension ex:
IMAP Port: 143
click next to continue.

Note: change the imapserver and port alone, not the username and password field. 

step5: In this page it will ask for outgoing server setting:

Set IMAP Server:     mail.domainname with extension ex:

Set SMTP Port:       26

Note: change the imap server and port alone, not the username and password field.

Click next to continue. 

Step6: Set the display name as per your needs, and all set now you can access  All your email in your phone itself.   

 Email Account Setup in Outlook:

Step1: Open Outlook. On the Toolbar, click on Tools and then E-Mail Accounts. 

Step2: Choose “Add a new e-mail account” and click “Next”. 

step3: Choose “IMAP” as the server type and click “Next”. 

Next to “Your Name:” type in the name that you wish to be displayed when you send
and receive e-mails. 
In the “E-mail Address:” box, type in your “Email id ”. 
In the “Incoming mail server (IMAP):” box, type in “mail.domainname with extension ex:
” and port: 143.  
In the “Outgoing mail server (SMTP):” box, type in “mail.domainname with extension ex:
” SMTP Port:  26. 
In the “User Name:” box, type in your
“firstname and lastname lastname”. 
In the “Password:” box, type in your password. 
When all the fields are entered correctly, click “Next”. 

Step5: Simply click “Finish” on the final screen. 

Now you can send and receive your email through outlook.

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